Visit to NGS Garden Goddards Green – 5.7.20

First visit of the day to Goddards Green in Cranbrook. Beautiful ancient house with outbuildings – home of one of the original Cranbook clothiers – now lovingly looked after by the Wotton family.

Rhill stemming from modern pyramidal fountain with echoes in the triangular aperture in yew hedging – with formal paved garden below and Dierama around a well swaying in the breeze. Erigeron everywhere. Deep secluded duckpond with jetty and sculpture. Also an amazing meadow with meticulously logged tree planting in a new pinetum. Honeybee hives. Modest Kitchen Garden. Swimming pool with Mediterranean themes planting around and a gorgeous hammock surrounded by lushgrasses. Huge platters of succulents & paddle plants. Magnolia lawn and more conservative planting in the borders.