Online Lecture – Felix Garrett – Biodiversity at Dixter – 27.6.20

Fascinating zoom lecture by Felix Garrett on the processes they’ve taken at Dixter – based on original theories by Christopher & Daisy Lloyd – to enhance and merge biodiversity with the local ecology.

A meticulously detailed biodiversity audit was carried out and multiple rare species identified.

This biodiverse approach enhances both the philosophy and sustainability of the garden – but also the naturalistic look which visitors to Dixter are so fond of. Everything matters – from spiders to slugs – flora and fauna an all the way up the food chain.

As a result we plan to recommit to the organic methods – wherever possible – and also to bring some further meadow areas into the Mill House garden from the paddock where it’s so extensive into the main garden’s shady areas.

Great Dixter – 23.6.20

The gorgeous sunny weather was too much to resist – so we headed off to our local favourite garden at Great Dixter.

It was looking wonderful, the planting very far on for June, and the usual slightly anarchic mix of planting in the borders was breathtaking.
Highlights included the statuesque yew topiary surrounded by wild flower meadows. Verbascum living happily alongside cannas, all framed by glimpses through windows of espaliered pear trees. The quintessentially Dixter collection of pots around the porch. A mini field of violas in bloom. Woollen fleeces being used to protect Dhalias from slugs and snails. The amazing mulberry giving some welcome shade.

A wonderful garden. Different every time we come, and with appropriate distancing being observed it seemed more quiet than usual.